The Exclusive Entrepreneur Development Program from the Lyles Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, California State University, Fresno
P9™ is an exclusive, intensive entrepreneur training program for individuals or teams seeking to introduce a product of market, launch a business, or build greater competencies into an existing business. P9™ offers skills training in concise writing, presentation, and promotion for the development of a viable business. P9™'s unique methods accelerate venture and idea development while building essential entrepreneurial skills.
Accelerate Venture and Idea Development While Building Essential Entrepreneurial Skills
P9™ offers a unique instructional and coaching system for aspiring entrepreneurs. With the unique Immersion module, attendees receive intense preparation for the entrepreneurial journey through an emphasis on skill development and entrepreneurial knowledge. After the Immersion, a series of action based modules guide the participants into the development of a plan for execution. P9™ is available in a variety of formats including on location at California State University, a hosted program, or through Skype sessions. Participants who successfully complete the P9™ program graduate with a Certificate of Completion from the Lyles Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

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